The Field Trip to Petrosains

Topics: Light, Petroleum, Display device Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Chin Yung Wei, 11071628 (Chemistry Report)

The field trip to Petrosains, started at 11:30 am with a Dark Ride. The theme for the week is Faces of Energy. The ride, shaped as an oil drop, bring us to a dark and tranquil ambience through the rainforest of Malaysia, up to the peak of a mountain, before diving into the sea, and finally going through a video display depicting Malaysia's transformation and its advancement into the new millennium.

After that, we stop at a place called Petrojaya. It is a cartoon village where dynamic high technology is blended with the Malaysian art of shadow play or ‘Wayang Kulit’. In this place, they have mini shows or experiments to show you what really takes place in the field of science. For example, Flammable Bubble, Rolling Can, Table Top Tornado and Ref-light-tion. Besides that, the place called Geotime Diorama takes us back more than 200 million years to meet a "singing" dinosaur and explored a vast diorama where the environment is as ancient as it gets and we also get to learn about earthquakes, fossils and petroleum.

After that, we arrived at section called ‘Exploration’. It is a place where all the hi-tech tools and techniques used for petroleum exploration are displayed. That place also gives us a chance to glimpse what a geologist or seismologist do for a living. There are also activities there which show us how air flow will affect the flight of an aeroplane and how refracted rays of light will deceive our brain. Furthermore, we went to a place call ‘Sparkz’. It is a place which will bring back our inner childhood. Plus, we can also build small machines and put them to the test. Moreover, there are many games that you can play. There are also games which uses our shadow to move around and to collect things. Then, there is a simulation ride of helicopters for us which is three minutes long.

Then, there is an exhibit named ‘SPEED’. It is an exhibit that will thrill the fans of Formula One...
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