The Fervent Years

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Savannah Sprinkle
Acting 3
The Fervent Years
Everyone says life is a journey. A process. An adventure. Until recently I heard but never understood these phrases. Now, I see my journey and my path that lies directly in front of me. I try not to look ahead because it's too far to see where it turns or changes in the distance, but I know it’s there and I find myself very reflective of my journey up to this point. The Fervent Years is the story of another journey taken by people similar to myself and my classmates, and that is what I found most useful in reading this book. Yes, it was repetitive in the way Harold Clurman spoke of every setback and difficulty the Group Theatre had, however, many mistakes and problems are reoccurring and tedious in my own reality (aka my self-doubt etc.). The actual story of the Group Theatre was not my main focus, though. The adventure they had was. My classmates and I are on an incredible quest together through the Meisner technique and I cannot help but compare our struggle for greatness and truth to that of the brave actors who once belonged to the Group Theatre.

“To me, the theatre is like a light that people are made to see for the first time. The theatre is a dream that people come to behold. The theater is a revelation. I look about me here, and I do not see light, I do not perceive dream, I do not feel revelation.” In the first part of our expedition to find our truth here at Elon, I believe this quote speaks for itself. We came to school with our passion and uncontrolled and unfocused desire to succeed. From what I understand from the reading I would say that the actors of the Group Theatre were unfocused and unavailable in the early stages of their development. In no way were we ready to readily give our light and a piece of ourselves to audiences or to each other, for that matter. We went through acting one but still I didn't feel like I was fully connected with my personal center nor with the others in...
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