The Federalist Papers

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  • Published : October 18, 2009
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The Federalist Papers
Federalist Paper #10:
1) A faction according to the authors of The Federalist Papers is a group of citizens who are united by some common interests that are adverse to the rights and interests of other citizens or the whole community. 2) To cure the “mischiefs” of a faction you must either “remove its causes” and/or “control its effects.” 3) The most durable source of a faction is the “various & unequal distribution of property” 4) The principal task of legislature is regulation because of the interfering interests of various factions. A man alone cannot make an unbiased judgment and a group of men can only do so much better. However the group of men and their decisions are usually more enlightened than all of the factions combined. 5) A pure democracy will not cure a faction because one, they are unstable and often result in anarchy if left unchecked, and two, citizens assemble administer the government in person, and the majority will often win over the minority. 6) A republic is better for many reasons. One, representatives are burdened with the decision, not the public. Two, these delegates will have a better idea of what it is to look out for the good of the public more often than the public itself, there controlling the effects of a faction more easily. Lastly, a republic will be easier to control when a population increases and territory is expanded. 7) The phrase, “Great Interest – National; Local Interests – State” refers to the common interests that representatives are surrounded with. They must both decide for the whole nation in what is the “Great Interest” and also decide on the interests that affect the area they’re representing, hence, “Local Interests.” 8) A large area geographically would cure a faction because the more broad a region is the more different point of views exist; when there are more views the less chance the majority has to diminish the rights of other citizens. Federalist Paper #...
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