The Feather Pillow "Til Death Do Us Part

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  • Published : February 3, 2012
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What is marriage? Marriage is a the state of being a married couple Voluntarily joined for life; "a long and happy marriage". When I hear the word marriage I think about those five big words, Till Death Do Us Part. From the story “The Feather Pillow” to today’s society marriage is never what they suppose to be. Most marriages end up in divorces because of money, Infidelity, Abuse and most of the time reality just sets in that they are not the one. From the novel to today’s society you have to be careful who you marry because you may never know what you getting yourself into. The Feather pillow is a good example of how not knowing the person you marry can kill you at the end. At the beginning all marriages are good, but behind close doors is a complete different story. Most marriages seem good at the beginning like Jordan and Alicia in the Feather Pillow. However as marriages progress and the women feel like they are not wanted they would probably feel like Alicia weak and stressed. When husband and wives change reality sets into their love ones it’s not the same. Some will cheat and move on but some will stay and suffer cause they have no where to go like Alicia. To feature people who wont to get married are careful who you marry because it can lead to stress and pain.

They say only the strong survive in the world, but you can say the exact same thing for marriages because you got to be strong if you won’t to make it works. Most marriages will have its ups and downs but at the end of the day you both have to be strong. Like in the Feather Pillow Alicia could not survive she lost her life. In the Story Alicia husband was symbolized as a human blood sucking parasite. Like for example “It seemed only at night that her life drained out of her in new waves of blood” which was her husband. If they had got to know each other better than she would have still been alive not dead if she found the right person. She was so weak and heart broken cause her husband seemed...
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