The Feasibility of Barringtonia Racemosa as an Alternative Highlighter Ink

Topics: Biological pigment, Pigment, Dye Pages: 9 (2819 words) Published: January 29, 2013
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December 14, 2012

I. Background of the Study
A highlighter is a form of a felt-tip marker pen which can be used to draw attention to certain words or sentences of documents by marking them with translucent, see-through colors. It is an essential stationary item for students as well as working people. The ink used in a highlighter pen or in any other pens plays an important part in defining the reading experience and comprehension, as well as the visual impact of the written message, to the person reading them. The ink, is of no small importance, and in the end, it is the one that determines the significance of the pen itself. Ink is one of the most important components of writing tool today. There are several brands of ink today in the market. However, all inks consist of a colorant (the substance that provides the ink with color) and a vehicle (the liquid or paste that carries and binds the ink to a surface). The selection of ink is an important decision one must make in terms of the performance of one’s pen. The wrong ink means a pen that one may struggle with to use. This study attempts to find an alternative source of ink that can be used for highlighters. The sap of Powder-puff fruits is purplish and rich in color. It is this dye that interests the researcher to pursue the possibility of transforming it into an alternative source of highlighter ink.

II. Hypotheses
* An alternative highlighter ink can be economically produced from the sap of Powder-Puff fruits, of which quality resembles, or nearly resembles that of commercial highlighter inks. * The ink that will be produced by the researchers would not be a good alternative for commercial highlighter inks, as it is of poor quality and non-economic. III. Scope and Limitation

Samples of the alternative ink would be produced and compared commercial highlighter inks. The ratio of the components would be experimented upon. Since the method of this study is experimental, the researchers would be basing their findings on trial and error methods of sampling to determine the appropriate sample for a workable highlighter ink. IV. Problems

* What would be the ratio of the components of the proposed ink? * Where would be the materials be acquired?
* How would the ink be tested?
* What is the effectiveness of the most acceptable sample of highlighter ink in the following type of paper: a. Pad paper
b. Bond paper
c. Notebook paper
d. Book paper?
* Is there a significant difference on the effectiveness on the highlighter ink in the different type of paper? * What is the shelf-life of the highlighter ink?
V. Objectives
* To make an alternative highlighter ink from the sap of B. racemosa * To make an effective highlighter ink
* To make an alternative ink which costs less than the conventional highlighters * To launch reseraches on cheap yet efficient inks in the Philippines VI. Significance of the Study

* This study will mostly benefit the students, as well as working people, who use markers, specifically, highlighters on a daily basis. If this experiment prove to be successful, they will be given an alternative source for pen ink or highlighters. * This study will give more job opportunities for...
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