The Fear of Fear

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Amanda Robertson
English 10
October 24, 2012
Block 3
The Fear of Fear
Having fear is something nobody wants to have, right? Samah Khan explains in her poem, The Fear of Fear, what fear is to her. She uses similes and alliteration to make her poem more specific.
Khan uses similes to compare to fear. She stated, “Fear is like losing a tree of shade on a bristling day.” This describes how much she values shade on a hot, sunny day, so she has fear she might lose it. The author uses this example because she thinks the reader can probably relate to the comparison. Another example is, “Fear is like loving without being loved back.” Khan says this because she believes that loving someone and them not loving you back is something everyone is afraid of. Again, the reader can relate to this example.

The author also uses alliteration. For example, “If I could release one of these fears it would be the fear of fearing these fears.” The alliteration gives the reader a bit more of a challenge to read the poem. She also states, “And the fear of loving and leaving and being loved and being left.” The “L’s” are the alliteration in this example.

In conclusion, The Fear of Fear creates an emotional response in the reader because of the fear the author expresses in the poem. Khan uses similes and alliteration to show more emotion. Come up with a few fears people have and see what kind of response comes with it.
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