The Fault in Our Stars Summary

Topics: Anne Frank, Oncology, Writing Pages: 2 (920 words) Published: May 23, 2013
The book The Fault In Our Stars is about a teenager named Hazel Grace Lancaster who is a cancer survivor who falls for a boy named Augustus Waters that she meets at a support group where kids with or who have survived cancer go. Hazel who has had cancer in her lungs and Augustus who has one leg became interested in each other the first day there, through their friend Isaac who has cancer in his eyes. They quickly become friends and share everything with each other, Hazel gives Augustus her favorite book An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten and in return he gives her The Prince of Dawn. Both Hazel and Augustus are obsessed with the book and continually wonder what happens to the characters at the end of the book. For weeks they ponder what happens at the end of the book and write letters to the author, which were never replied, until one day Augustus got a reply to the email he sent to Peter Van Houten. Peter’s assistant Lidewij replied to his emails about the questions they had but said that he could not answer the questions, only in person and there for invites them to come to Amsterdam and visit them so they can answer the questions they have. Augustus takes it upon himself to make sure they go to Amsterdam and make his “wish” to go to there with Hazel because she already used her wish on Disney World. This becomes a problem because the doctors weren’t sure whether or not she could go because of her health, but she ultimately is able to go after she got permission from the doctors and the equipment she needs. In the weeks between the trip their friend Isaac goes into surgery and now has to be blind because that was the only way to get rid of the cancer, which his girlfriend Monica breaks up with him because she can’t deal with a blind boyfriend. When they are in Amsterdam, Hazel and Gus go on a “date” to Oranjee, Hazel dressed in a sundress and Augustus in his death suit, they begin to realize how much they really love each other, they notice the beauty...
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