The Fast Food Problem: Super Size Me

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The Fast Food Problem: Super Size Me

America, now pretty much the fattest nation in the world has a major problem that has started to unfold more now than ever before. This problem deals with the fast food industry and what they are feeding us. In the documentary film "Super Size Me" the creator, Morgan Spurlock, explores and investigates into the food industry and its effects on people. This study engaged Spurlock in a thirty day study in which every single day for three times a day he would eat McDonalds. Within this thirty day period, Spurlock had to make sure he consumed every item on the menu. He also had limited exercise which was specified to the average amount a person will walk. He was also required to supersize his meal, but only when he was asked to. Lastly, he had to consumer every bit of every item he was served from McDonalds.

The purpose of this expiriment was most likely to inform the audience. Spurlock based his study because of the fast rising spread of obesity through the U.S. society on which the U.S. surgeon general declared epidemic. The expirament was also based on a corresponding lawsuit which was brought against McDonalds in which two girls blamed McDonalds on their problem with obesity. The lawsuit was later dropped because the judge stated this could only be proved if one had only McDonalds for every meal of every day and that it would affect that person. These events later stemmed to Morgan Spurlock having this "Super Size Me" study.By using this study, Spurlock wanted to inform people on the effects of fast food in the United States corresponding with the problem of obesity. This documentary still may have been trying to persuade people also though. With his expansive use of facts, Morgan Spurlock seemed to somewhat tried to maybe push over people into suggesting that we as people try to live a healthier lifestyle among these days of growing obesity.

The intended audience in "Super Size Me" seemed to be the U.S. as a whole. This is because during the films time of being made, Spurlock stated that the U.S. became the fattest country in the world, and a large contribution to this problem may have been because of the U.S. also containing the largest fast food chains. This documentary was supposed to pretty much hit all including kids, because it even explains how fast food industries even try to reach kids to bring in whole families, by using 'fun' advertising, play places, and even toys in happy meals.

This Documentary has also had a decent societal impact. One article said that, "measuring the relative impact of a book (also made into a movie) and a documentary film is difficult, particular when applied to a general society. Since the nation is probably more into watching movies rather than reading, Super Size Me has probably made a larger impact. An edgy documentary will always be more entertaining than a thick book, even if the book has greater depth of information. Both offerings tackle different aspects of the issue, even though the broader subject is about American consumption. Still, there is always the difficulty in measuring how much information really makes people change their behavior "(Pheifer p.1). Yet, this trouble may exist, there still are societal impacts made by "Super Size Me". One such factor is that this movie attempts to expose the bad side of the fast food industry also called the ''dark side'' of the food industry which "included treatment of animals, production of raw materials, marketing, advertising, deception, and societal health concerns. In essence, the... movie painted a target on the fast food companies and gave the American people someone to blame for their troubles. Granted, they did also talk about personal responsibility and lifestyle choices, but there was definitive attempt at establishing culpability, which fits very nicely into America's litigious society." (Pheifer p.1). Another impact that was made was that there was a response by these fast food...
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