The Fast Food Industry of China

Topics: Analysis, Food industry, Fast food restaurant Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: February 4, 2011
The fast food industry of China is experiencing phenomenal growth and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, with the compounded annual growth rates of the market crossing 25%. Further, on the back of changing and busy lifestyle, fast emerging middle class population and surging disposable income, the industry will continue to grow at apace in coming years. These are the findings of our just-released research report “China Fast Food Analysis”.

This report provides extensive research and rational analysis on the Chinese fast food industry and tracks the changing dynamics of the market. It features market performance, key related sectors and competitive landscape of the market. The research study looks into the market condition and future forecasts, and outlines current trends and analyses. It has been made to help clients in analyzing the opportunities, challenges and drivers vital to the growth of fast food industry in China.

For the purpose of this report, Fast Food Industry includes fast food restaurants, teahouses, coffee shops and juice bars in China.
Key Findings of the Report

- Employment rate in China is surging high, making people busier. The increasingly busier lifestyle, particularly in urban regions, is leading to a rising demand for fast food. - China is the fifth largest fast food consuming nation in the world. - The share of fast food in retail industry is expected to reach 9.3% by 2011 from 7.4% in 2007. - China’s fast food industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% during 2008-2011. - The food retail sector has the major share of 63% in the overall retail sector and it will continue to account for a major share in future also.

Key Issues and Facts Analyzed in the Report

- Market size of the China’ fast food industry.
- In-depth analysis of various segments of the industry.
- Study of factors that are driving the industry.
- Thorough assessment of key opportunity areas and issues to be addressed....
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