The Fast Food Industry

Topics: Food, Food industry, Fast food Pages: 3 (1215 words) Published: December 5, 2011
The Fast Food Industry
In the documentary, Food, Inc., Eric Schlosser states, “There is this deliberate veil, this curtain that’s drawn between us and where our food is coming from. The industry doesn’t want you to know the truth about what you’re eating because if you knew, you might not want to eat it” (1). This is the harsh reality of the fast food industry. The fast food industry is corrupt and there have been so many short cuts taken that not only is the food produced not healthy in any form or fashion, it has become so common in the typical American life that the demand has led to much more than health concerns. It has led to led to exploitation of food industry workers, it has led to the exploitation and torture of animals, and it has led to illegal and non-ethically permissible ways of accomplishing their goals. The fast food industry is not an honest or humble or moral industry. They are egoists. Their only concern is what will benefit them the most; all those effected, animals and humans alike, are not a concern to these corporate heads. The fast food industry is greatly flawed and the public must be made aware of the effect that the industry is having on this country. The issue at hand in regards to the fast food industry is so disturbing that every effort has been made by the corporate heads of the industry to shield the public of reality. Not only that but the public does not really question how the “Big Mac” was produced or the means by which it was produced. As a result, the public leads a life of ignorance as the fast food industry continues to commit crimes against humanity. The reality is that until the public is made aware of what is happening and takes a stand against these evil actions, the fast food industry will continue to manipulate and use people and animals. A major issue that is raised by the fast food industry is the exploitation of people. “The typical farm worker is a [illegal] young, Latino male who does not speak English...
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