The Fast Food and Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Obesity Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: April 29, 2013
More people in the USA are involved in discussion and even doing many researches about the food and the food products. There are lots of discussion how the food industry influences to our health and generally our everyday life. Many people blame the government, some others are talking that the main role comes from food industry, while some people still think that every individual is responsible for their own menu as well as their health. It is really not important who says what; the issue itself is one of the main problems in the USA and indeed some of the food products could seriously influence human health. Among many writers David Zinczenko has his own idea how to avoid unhealthy food and how to solve these common problems. Even though Zinczenko assume that food companies should have more responsibility in making healthier food options, he also provides a convincing argument due to his use of personal experience and his well-researched examples of the problem that food can bring in today’s society. He talks about his childhood and the weight problem he had because of the fast food when he was 15 years old. He also talks about the Type 2 diabetes in children that obesity is blamed for. There are many different views how to avoid unhealthy food and prevent many diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease that fast food industry brought along the way and became the nation’s general health problem.

In his essay Zinczenko provides detailed explanation of his childhood experience. How his health and weight was affected by his eating habit that was his only choice while he was a child. Affordable meal that was available options for an American kid made him 212LB when he was 15 years old. He gives us detailed explanation of his family life, that his parents were divorced and his mother worked long hours to make the monthly bills. Mother’s busy schedule did not give Zinczenko chance to have family cooked meals when he was child. This is not only his...
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