The Farm

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Hunting Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Meg Roley
ENGL. 1011
Miss Nelson
Place Essay
The Farm
This place is very special to me, it always has been, and I believe it always will be. The Farm houses all of our families’ gatherings from Thanksgiving, to Easter, to birthdays. I will always think about my families’ card playing “skills” or lack thereof, during those fall hunting nights. Maybe someday I will join in the fun of losing my money. The Farm has always been the “hunting shack”, and always will be used as a place where the hunters do their bonding every fall. The Farm is amazing and I will continue to love everything about it for the rest of my life. The hill overlooks acres of land that my grandpa has owned for many years. The Farm, a new building was built but which stood was an old white farmhouse. This is where all of the hunters slept in the fall. The beautiful new taupe colored building now houses my grandparents. Also, on The Farm has a big red barn with a white roof. It holds my grandpa’s miniature horses now, but at one time housed sheep and cows. There is an adorable chicken coupe, and of course it is used for the chickens and ducks that my grandpa continues to raise each year. I love the hammock, and trampoline, they are nestled in between numerous trees next to the house. They were especially awesome when I was a kid. Now they serve as toys for the younger ones. The Farm radiates a home-like feeling that makes one feel very comfortable and welcome while one is there.

Special memories have accumulated over the years at The Farm. Upon completion of the new farmhouse we moved our Christmas celebration from the basement of my house to the warm and cozy atmosphere of The Farm. Christmas is my Grandma Carol’s favorite holiday, and most of the residents in Ashby know that noone can beat her baking skills.The holidays are the best time to sample her work. When she makes everything from the cookbook (which is currently her mind). Some of her delicacies include: freshly baked...
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