The Farinellie Film

Topics: Opera, Singing, Vocal range Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Wesley WInfield
The Farinelli Film

The Farinelli film is about the life and career of Italian opera singer

Farinelli, considered one of the greatest castrato singers of all time. A castrato is

a male singer whose testicles were removed in childhood so that he could retain

the high, clear voice of a child while gaining the control of an adult vocalist.

Farinelli was given no choice but to give up his manhood. Farinelli's father said

that he should only sing the songs of his brother Riccardo. Farinelli's fame made

Riccardo famous as well, but Riccardo's compositions are mediocre and they

hold Farinelli back.

The rivalry between the Opera Theatre of Covent Garden and the

Nobles Theatre has became fierce. Handel's critics at the Nobles Theatre are resolutely

against him however, Farinelli defends the composer to his critics. The way in which he

defends Handel's case provokes rumors about him. Alexandra takes his side and steals

Handel's latest music for Farinelli. Farinelli tells to his brother that he has always had

doubts about the quality of his compositions. The relationship between the two

brothersdeteriorates. Handel, who is as proud as Farinelli, refuses to make his peace with

Farinelli, despite Farinelli's attempts. Handel, tries to steal his music back from Farinelli.

While searching his home, he hears someone playing music in the attic. He follows the

sound and finds Riccardo. Handel realizes that since Riccardo has been abandoned by

Farinelli, and he persuades Riccardo to tell him Farinell's secret. Handel sees Farinelli

backstage before a show and challenges Farinelli to sing the music he stole from him

without fault. Farinelli stays composed and sings perfectly, Riccardo finds Farenlli and

Alexandra after they went away. Farinelli is able to forgive Riccardo. They make love

with Alexandra and Riccardo leaves Farinelli and alexandra with a child.
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