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Topics: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Jorge Roldan
Professor Glover
Comparative Politics
FARC: Coming Closer to its End

Colombia has been in turmoil with the Marxist-Leninist group called FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) for almost fifty years. However, since 2002 with the election of Alvaro Uribe things have begun to change. Alvaro Uribe’s policy of “Democratic Security” or “get tough” agenda that involves aggressive action against the FARC economically, judicially, and militarily, has strongly worked in weakening the FARC and bring Colombia closer and closer to peace. However, Alvaro Uribe has been criticized internationally for being a murderer, thief and an advocate for paramilitary activity. This paper will prove that Alvaro Uribe’s policies are more effective in comparing them to past presidential attempts in negotiation as well as prove that Uribe’s actions are justified in pursuit to fulfill his responsibility as president to protect his people.

Before being able fully analyze whether President Uribe’s actions are justified or not one must look at the history of the FARC.The group FARC was founded on May 27,1964 by peasants pursuing representation against the wealthier class of Colombia. FARC was created to serve as a military branch of the Colombia Communist Party after the national government began to attack small communist rural communities during a period of time known as “La violencia” (Brittain). However, the FARC has done nothing, but hurt the entire Colombian population. Records show that FARC participated in about 5,000 deaths in 2002 alone, two-thirds of them coming from innocent civilians (Mason). How can an organization that says they advocate for the “people” of Colombia kill innocent lives? The FARC have not just gone after government officials, but also innocent people that may have nothing to do with the government. Ever since the FARC emerged it has converted Colombia into one of the most violent countries in Latin America.

Not only has the FARC...
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