The Far and the Near

Topics: Woman, Train, Rail transport Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: May 21, 2013
This story begins describing a little town , in which there is a house near the railroad tracks, which pass every day at two o clock in the afternoon. For a long time, the train engineer blows his whistle, which attracted a woman who lived in the house to come out and greet him. During this time, the woman's child is growing and also accompanies his mother to greet the engineer. The engineer becomes old and has seen many accidents and tragedies in the time he has served in the railroad, including four fatalities on the tracks in front of him, however he continued to see the house and the women. Throughout time and many thousands of trips by the house he feels very familiar to the women. As he has decided to retire from his job, he went to see the women that day, to tell them what he felt in his daily life seeing them. So that day, he walked from the train station through the small town. When he was walking around the city, it seemed very strange and different from how he looked down from his cabin of the train. When finally reaches the house of the women, it looked very different from what he expected. He shows up and says why he came, and she invites him in a bad way to get in the house and calls her daughter. Then they sit down and talk in a ugly room. So when he leaved, he started to think of the bad experience was nothing like what he expected. He feels distressed because the only aspect of his life that he thought was pure and beautiful is spotted. With this, he realizes he has lost hope and that hi will never see the good in life again.

One of the style that is shown in the story is description. “According to Wolfe (1935), (On the outskirts of a little town upon a rise of land that swept back from the railway there was a tidy little cottage of white boards, trimmed vividly with green blinds) (Paragraph 1 , line 1-2)” where start to describe the little town. He also describe how he made a relationship with two women, and how use to see them everyday....
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