The False Memory Debate

Topics: Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Satanic ritual abuse Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: February 5, 2012
The False Memory debate has been a battle between researchers, theorists and investigators of child abusefor several years.False memory refers to the false recollection of a traumatic event that did not occur. It is typically induced during a therapeutic or investigative process where so called recovered memories of childhood abuse are introduced into the minds of vulnerable people.In most cases there are often no pre-existing memories of being abused, and the repressed memories are often recovered shortly after starting therapy or at the onset of an investigation.Incidences of satanic ritual abuse, child sexual and physical abuse and rape are believed to have been unearthed during these investigations.. (Snyder, F. The False Memory Debate: A Battle between Researchers and Theoreticians) Because of the unreliability of the investigators and the unreliable methods used in the investigations, many of these recounts of heinous abuse have been deemed by authorities as being outlandish, preposterous and devoid of credibility. That being so, in the cases of authentic abuse, a problem has emerged in the investigation and prosecution of child abuse regarding the victims, the investigators and the perpetrators. It becomes impossible or difficult for investigators, including the judiciary system, to investigate and prosecute cases of abuse. The perpetrators of the abuse are not brought to justice.The victim is discredited and suffers mentally and emotionally.There are repercussions also for unknown and future abused victims who may choose not to disclose the abuse. How then can the creation of false memories of abuse be prevented?One of the preventable causes is the incompetence of therapists, who sometimes contribute to the creation of false memories. In order to avoid the tragedies presented in the aforesaid paragraph, each report of abuse must be properly and reliably investigated.Trying to recover abuse memories using hypnosis or other mind-altering techniques is...
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