The Falling Standard of English in Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Malay language, Singapore Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The Falling Standard Of English In Malaysia

I have recently conducted survey about the falling standard of English in Malaysia. The results of the survey are seriously disappointed. Especially the younger generation nowadays, I found they are hardly speak and can’t even pronounce the terms properly and correctly. However there’s only a small number of Malaysians communicate well in the language and many of them are from the older generation where they were schooled in the English medium.. They have an idea that we are living in Malaysia and why should we learn English instead of Malay. Actually all sciences subjects in Malaysia suppose to be in English. However now the students in form 4 have to learn all the sciences subjects in Malay. These leading them unable to catch up in their studies because previously they were learning all those subjects in English. The switching in languages not only causing the students poor in their academic performances but also making them suppose the Malay is much more important than the English. Soon, English is no longer using in their daily lives.

The cause of falling standard of English between the Malaysian is there are too many ethnic in Malaysia with different lauguage to communicate with each other. They more prefer to speak their own lauguage at home such as bahasa Malaysia,

chinese ,Tamil and others. It is the main reason why Malaysian always can’t hold a good English to communicate with other. I also realise that the younger generation in the rural area do not realise the importance of english until they started to working. They even feel regret when they are going to interview as they can’t speak a complete sentence to their boss. Eventually they fail to get their jobs. Some of the younger generations do not have a good attitube to study the english. They always adopt the way ‘l don’t care’ on their study. As a result , they have a broken english and can’t do a good communicate...
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