The Falling Man

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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10 Nov. 2012
Analyzing Sarah stein’s “The ‘1984’ Macintosh Ad: Cinematic Icons and Constitutive Rhetoric in the Launch of a New Machine”.
In 2002 the rhetorical analysis of the “1984” Macintosh ad was published by Sarah Stein. Sarah Stein’s “The ‘1984’ Macintosh Ad: Cinematic Icons and Constitutive Rhetoric in the Launch of a New Machine” Explores the dimensions of the “1984” Macintosh ad, which features a big brother theme taken from the dystopic George Orwell novel, allusions to the Wizard of Oz, and a futuristic scene reminiscent to Blade Runner. Stein explores the integral role ads play in the cultural discourse of new technologies in her rhetorical analysis of the “1984” Macintosh ad. Stein’s study also provides an important look at the ways mass media has helped shape a culture’s acceptance of new technologies. In her analysis Stein uses three frameworks to help readers re-see what it is the ad is portraying.

The frameworks of Maurice Charland, Robert Goldman, and Walter Benjamin are critical to Stein’s analysis. Charland’s constitutive rhetoric provides a framework to explain how audiences are rhetorically engineered. It is proposed by Charland that identification is the key term of the rhetorical process. Stein agrees with Charland, she also believes that in order to connect with an audience you have to understand the identification of your audience. Stein states that “The theoretical move toward understanding audiences as embodying and… the… attempt to persuade them allows for a rhetorical view of ideological discourse.” Basically, Stein is saying that being able to connect with what your audience will be persuaded by is rhetorical. Next we look at the framework of Goldman. Goldman framework focuses on the importance of advertisement is social relation. Stein knows that media influences are often discussed in our society. According to Stein “Repetitive media images such as ads have the power to establish frames of reference and mark the...
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