The Fall of Saigon: Events and Impact

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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The fall of Saigon
By Nick Valtinson
On the 27th of April 1975 the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon had been cut off and surrounded by the NVA the end of the Vietnam war would end soon nobody really knew what it meant in the greater Cold War but soon the world would know.

In the wake of a massive offensive the North had very quickly and unexpectedly overwhelmed the South’s positions. The North used Armor and artillery support, to exploit the South’s inability to properly supply its troops with anti-tank weapons and artillery rounds. This was due to the total lack of supplies and money from the US Government and NATO allies.

The South’s troops fought fiercely in the face of overwhelming odds. The 18th division made a valiant last stand in the city of Xuan Loc. These men were totally cut off but continued to fight because they knew they were the last line of defense before the NVA proceeded to Saigon. They offered fierce Resistance with the use of American made helicopters. But this group of Brave troopers fell aswell to the North.

Desperation soon set in on the civilian population of Saigon. American citizens and Vietnamese that had helped the American forces were starting a on rush at the US embassy in Saigon and the airstrip there. Operation Baby lift had already evacuated 2000 orphans. Another 110000 South Vietnamese Civilians, and military personal.

In the end Ho Chi Minh’s statement in 1948 proved true. “You can kill ten of my men for everyone I kill of yours, but even at those odds, you will lose and I will win.” The NVA broke through the weak defenses of Saigon and on April 30th 1975 a North Vietnamese T-62 tank broke through the US embassy gate barely a hour after the last US Marine defenders left the on a chopper off the Roof. The war was now over…

But what does this mean? What did the fall of Saigon mean to the Cold War? It meant that the US had suffered over 56,000 dead soldiers a huge political, financial, and domestic crisis for no...
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