The Fall of Rome and Han

Topics: Han Dynasty, Ancient Rome, Roman Empire Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Rome and Han China were classical civilizations that built centralized empires, which eventually expanded. Both Rome and Han experienced unequal land distribution which led to political instability, and both suffered from invasions of nomadic tribes due to political instability which would lead to the collapse. However, only the western portion of the Roman Empire collapsed whereas the entire Han met its demise. Both Rome and Han experienced great times of prosperity. However, both regions also suffered political instability due to unequal land distribution, which led to their demise. Both Rome and Han developed monarchies with aristocrats as aides to the emperors. In these systems the wealthy controlled a majority of the land, thus causing unequal land distribution. Owners of latifundias operated at lower costs than did owners of smaller holdings. These owners often resulted to mortgaging their lands to aristocrats due to the fact that they could not compete with the latifundias. Thus, causing unemployment and famines for this class. These peasants moved to cities, where they became “mobs”. Wealthy patricians often hired people into personal armies. Civil wars i.e. Caesar and Pompey, often broke out between high ranking officials, thus leading to political instability. During the first and second century CE of Rome, there were social tensions due to the unequal land distribution. As a way to mend the unequal land distribution issue, reformers attempted to redistribute the land, i.e. Gracchi Brothers, Tiberius and Gaius. Unfortunately these men did not succeed due to the fact that most members of the wealthy and ruling classes disagreed with the ideas of the brothers and found their way around their redistribution method. In fact, this action caused them to pay a high price – their lives. For fear that the brothers would have a greater effect on Roman affairs, their enemies had them assassinated. Wang Mang, just as the Gracchi Brothers had attempted with Rome,...
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