The Factors That Influence Customers in Their Buying Behavior to Use and Benefit from an Online-Shopping Company Like Amazon.Com

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The factors that influence customers in their buying behavior to use and benefit from an online-shopping company like

In the Recent years, the trend of E-commerce has grown faster due to the advancement and the easy access of internet. This have conducted customers to shop online from home comfortably and ending up entering worldwide shops with a click of button. People who does live in a small town they do have limited choices of stores so it is a benefit for them to use online shopping for a wider range of stores and/or products and certainly if the shop is not available in their region/and or country. Some consumers like to buy directly from the store instead of online shopping this is something based on their personal choice but that does not mean that they will not use and benefit one day from this online service (Chandrradevi n.d.). one of the best online shopping website has been ranked number one in good customer service according to that customers can interact easily in different ways with customer service department at in person; through phone, website and social media such as Facebook and Twitter (Jon Swartz 2011). One of the best example of good customer service, Brian Zambuka a 42 years old man volunteering in Tanzania requested help from to duplicate his order - as to avoid re-selecting each book to purchase manually- after founding out that the U.S. Post Office did lost a shipment of newly purchased books from his parent's house to Tanzania, then he was amazed from to refund his order (Chenda Ngak 2011). However, is one of the simplest ways to buy items sold by companies or re-sold by consumers online. Finally, the most 10 important benefits of shopping on cited by Melanie Winterwolf (2010) are the following: 1. Convenience

2. Low Prices
3. Safety
4. Variety
5. Reviews
6. Options
7. Save Gas
8. Shop when you are sick
9. Flexible...
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