The Factors of Influencing the Fast Food Restaurant

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The factors of influencing the fast food restaurant
Chinese fast food is not something new. But fast food is not an original Chinese conception. Traditionally Chinese people value a certain kind of elegant and slow table manners, which symbolize health and politeness. The development of Chinese fast food can be traced to 1980s-1990s, when Western fast-food giants entered the Chinese market in order to attract more Chinese consumers. As a result of this, Chinese-style fast food emerged and it soon gathered immense popularity. Apart from Noodles and Dim sums, some other popular Chinese dishes are Szechuan and Manchurian style dishes. There are also a number of good Chinese fast food restaurants in all the major Chinese cities. If you want to open a fast food reataurant, you must realize the catering industry, including its current maketing situation, consumer’s perference, macro-environment, competitive environment, the system of its management, the strategy of the maketing and other factors, or you will fail. The retreat of Rong Hua Chicken also proved attention-grabbing. "Wherever there is a KFC, there will be a Rong Hua Chicken!" was the ambitious slogan that accompanied the chain's opening of its first store in Beijing in 1994. It took only two years for the chain to book a record 1.5 million yuan ($187,000) in monthly sales per store. Six years later, however, Rong Hua Chicken closed its last store, in Beijing's Andingmen. Some industry experts blamed a lack of standardization for the chain's demise -- including its failure to set strict rules on raw materials and food-processing methods. Meanwhile, it also failed to standardize services by specifying a code of conduct for its employees or unifying the layouts of its chain stores. This led to uneven levels of quality within the individual stores, and customers soon lost their appetite. On the constray, if a fast food restaurant pays attention to the factors which influnce their development, they will make a great succcess. when it comes to standardization in China's fast food industry. Those include Da Niang Dumpling and Ji Xiang Wanton. Founded in 1996, Da Niang Dumpling developed more than 200 chains in 10 years. It expanded into overseas markets, including Indonesia and Australia. In 2004, the chain ranked 46th  out of the top 100 restaurants in China. Founded in 1999, Ji Xiang Wanton set up more than 400 chains in only six years. Both chains are committed to standardizing their products and their management. For instance, Ji Xiang Wanton has set rules on the size of each offering and how each wonton should be prepared. Da Niang Dumpling, starting in 2003, spent a total of 100 million yuan on a processing facility designed to provide for all its chain stores worldwide. So in the next content, let us analysis some factors which influence the life of fast food restaurant.

1.The current maketing situation:
In Chinese modern society, fast food become more and more populart in people. The fast food industry is becoming the important part of the catering industry. In 1987, KFC enter Chinese market. Following McDonald and KFC ,chain operation occurs in China catering industry. After years of development, the fast food’s market share expands unceasingly. During the history of the fast food industry in China, its market has grown steadily. In 2010, the golden age of Chinese fast food has come. As China's economic is growing steadily and the standard of the people’s living becomes better, the fast food’s market will become more mature, market demand will continue to increase. So it is a good time to run a fast food restaurant, but it also means that if you want to run a fast food restaurant, your resturant will face with the great chanllege, that is, perfect competition. In my opinon, it is very improtant to realize the fast food restaurant’s maketing envioronment. Because a marketing environmental analysis helps a business understand external...
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