The Factors Affecting the Success in English

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All developing nations are aware of the fact that learning a foreign language is of vital importance in order to adopt the latest scientific and technological innovations in the word; and are determined to establish a system in which while evaluating the human resources available in their countries, those who have a good command a foreign language have great advantage over the ones who do not.

Undoubtedly, English has become a world language rather than the language of only the English speaking countries such as the UK and the USA because the number of the people who use English as a means of communication exceeds much more than the number of the people who speak it as their mother tongue. Hence, in Turkey generally, English is used as a common foreign language to contact the people in other countries, and thousands of people belonging to various professional groups are going abroad (either with the support of some institutions or not) or learning English in some language courses in Turkey. Moreover, most academicians prefer small private groups aiming at preparing for such specific proficiency exams as KPDS and UDS. When the number of the people who need to learn English to take these exams are considered, it is safe to infer that it is quite wise to develop certain strategies in designing some specific proficiency exam-based English courses.

In all foreign language teaching methods and techniques, in the language teaching process, it is aimed to have a special focus on the language skills that the learners especially need in the use of that particular language. For instance, if the objective of the programme is to develop the speaking skill of the learner, in the language teaching process, listening and speaking activities are highlighted and there is a special emphasis on the pronunciation and the vocabulary rather than the grammatical structures of the target language. Similarly, the Modern Languages Division of the Council of Europe...
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