The Factors Affecting the Development of Game Programming

Topics: Computer programming, Programming language, Computer program Pages: 8 (2859 words) Published: March 18, 2013
After reading the term paper, the readers will be able:

1.To observe the progress of game programming of IT specialists, 2.To compare the development of game programming for year 2012 and 2013, 3.To analyze the factors affecting the development of game programming, 4.To explain how the factors affect the development of game programming, 5.To formulate possible ways in improving the game programming, 6.And to access the effectiveness of the solutions for the development of game programming.

Games have existed since the dawn of humanity and have become an integral part of modern civilization because according to Lowenstein (2005), humans will always find a way to have fun with games so they will create a new way to use tools to develop activities for their entertainment and leisure thus game programming was invented. When one thinks of game programming, one might think of complicated problems and challenges but game programming, as defined by the researcher, is a simple process of creating, developing and managing a computer software or system designed for playing as long as one has the sufficient and right training or education. There are many successful IT professionals in the Philippines so the researcher chose his study to be responded by specialists whose job is game programming and management in Makati City. He selected the city of Makati because kit is near and provides convenience when starting the study and also it is where most game-related works are located. The timeframe of 2012-2013 was decided by the researcher because in that period of time, most programming languages and computers were enhanced. The study about the factors affecting the development of game programming would assist companies using games as their marketing strategies. The study would also help professionals in making their work easy. Gaming businesses are significantly fast earning jobs. In the Philippines, there are a lot of gamers thus making the business successful. The study would likely help students who want to be a game programmer someday by giving them an idea on the improvement game programming the country. The study also has the aim on pointing out the significant role of the factors affecting the development of game programming in the companies’ success. Another aim would be portraying the success of the solution if it is really beneficial or not. Future game programmers would also know the solutions to the improvement of the games in the Philippines by viewing the study. It would help employees in knowing how to properly improve and avoid the factors making a game looks bad. To that end, discussing the factor would be very crucial on the companies’ performance and function.

Programming is telling a computer how it should do its job by the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging and maintaining the source code of computer programs in order to create functional software. Programming language or computer language is a specialized language used for expressing these instructions in making a computer program. The concept of the development of programming refers to the evolution of programming languages and the compilers used in accordance with the new generation capabilities of handling systems. The creation of a purposeful program is dependent on the concept on how the program is developed or established. Game development, production, or design is a process that starts from an idea or concept which is based on a modification of an existing game concept. About 60 companies in the Philippines are game development industries and are still prospering by creating new innovations for the benefits in the field of game programming. The companies had the best year of work and the sectors earned millions from late 2011 to 2012 with five percent of its came from console gaming. There are many factors affecting the development of game programming like the programming...
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