The Factors Affecting Safe Drinking-Water (Planning and Essay Basic)

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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The factors affecting safe drinking water:
Describe and explain the different factors effecting access to safe drinking water. (10 marks) Planning and Notes:
* From 1996 – 2006 +/- 1.56 billion people gained access to improved drinking-water sources. * Today 87% people drink from improved water sources compared to 77% in 1990. Physical factors that affect safe drinking water:

* Amount of precipitation
* Seasonal distribution of precipitation
* Physical ability of the surface area to store water E.g. Ethiopia pg 192 * Rate of evapotranspiration
* Density of surface access points to water
* Ease of access to groundwater supplies if they exist
Human factors that affect safe drinking water:
* The wealth of a nation or region in terms of its ability to construct and maintain water infrastructure E.g. Ethiopia pg 192 * The distribution of population between urban and rural areas: in most developing countries people in urban areas are more likely to have access to safe drinking water than their rural counterparts due to the concentration of investment in urban areas * Socio-economic differences in urban areas: affluent urban districts invariably have better access to safe water than poor districts * The degree of contamination of urban water supplies by industry and lack of sanitation * The degree of contamination of rural water supplies by animal use, fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and lack of human sanitation * Civil war and international conflict. E.g. Serbia and Bosnian war Water Pollution:

* 450km3 of wastewater discharged into rivers etc per year * Developing world, rivers becoming polluted
* 90% sewage in developing countries is discharged into rivers and lakes and seas without treatment e.g. Yamuna river through Delhi has 200million litres sewage draining into it each day * People have to turn to water vendors which cost a lot

Describe and explain the different factors effecting access to...
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