The Fact Statement of Alcoholism

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Statement of the Fact:
The above mentioned students were scheduled for grievance hearing together with their parents in the grievance office last October 19, 2012 at 2:00 PM. Mrs. Buenaflor our presiding chairman introduced the committee members. Mr. Bobiles started the questioning to Bai Rachma Carnain. When asked what kind of liquor did she bring and how many milliliters. Bai Rachma brought one can of San Miguel Lights. Mrs. Catubigan asked why she brought the liquor inside the school. She brought the liquor to show off and compete to other classmates. Mr. Bobiles asked why inside the school. Due to family problem (she kept silent for three minutes and cried). Furthermore, to catch attention and recognized by her father. Mrs. Catubigan asked that now she catch the attention of her father what was the result. She answered none. Mr. Bobiles asked if not reported by Tigno to your group, was she going to drink it. She answered yes, outside the school. Mrs. Buenaflor enlightened the students by giving advised. Now that they knew how much their parent loves them, cares and gave them attention. As a return, they must love themselves and not to misbehave. The father of Bai Rachma told the committee that he always teaches her a lesson and discipline every day. Mr. Bobiles follow up a question, what was his plan regarding his daughter. He wants to get his daughter to live with him, but Bai Rachma refused to live with his new family. The co-chairman proceeded to Rachel Devera. She narrates the incident accordingly. Bai Rachma told her group that she brought liquor. She volunteered to open it but Bai Rachma insisted to open the can to show to her friends that she’s an expert and drunk. After that, the can was given to her and drunk. The can was given to Juarez and drunk. Mr. Bobiles read Rachel’s written statement and confirmed if she shouted “Mga tropa, mag-inuman tayo!” inside the classroom. Rachel was hesitated to answer the question. Mrs. Catubigan...
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