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Topics: Strength training, Aerobic exercise, Muscle Pages: 5 (1292 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Analytical Exposition – Research Report

1. Introduction

Volleyball is a common sport and is played throughout schools in Australia; at a professional level, the athletes of volleyball have to perform a strict training résumé. To maintain their level of fitness an athlete must train specific components of fitness indiviualised for the athlete. The purpose of the essay is to analyse a training program set for a volleyball player and see if it fits requirements for the athlete. It will discuss the use of important components of fitness in volleyball and then thoroughly describe the type of energy systems used in different positions/movement patterns on the court and then shall be taken into account when analysing the training program. After analysing the training program and checking if it meets specific needs, recommendations will be given to see if the athlete needs to change their form of workout or increase/decrease certain routines.

2. Components of Fitness Specific to Volleyball

Components of Fitness are the different types of components an athlete uses when playing a sport or event. In volleyball there are three specific components of fitness that are mostly described in the sport, Agility, Power and Strength.

1. Agility

The word Agility is defined as, “The ability to perform a series explosive power movements in rapid succession in opposing directions (e.g. Zig-zag running or cutting movements).” Agility is a major component needed in Volleyball because of the reaction to move towards the ball from an athlete’s original position. For example, when an athlete is going to dig the ball, they must quickly reposition themselves from their position, to where the ball is going to land. The writer took an agility test running around cones in different ways and then record his time. The time taken was, 10.46seconds. This was a good score and is not needed to be improved on, but to be maintained.

2. Muscular Strength

Muscular Strength is the ability to exert maximum force for one repetition. When playing a game of volleyball an athlete needs muscular strength in the lower and upper body strength to perform techniques. For example, when an athlete is going to spike, they must use the muscular strength in their legs to spring up in the air. Then the athlete must use their upper body strength to spike the ball downwards over the net. Muscular strength is a key component for many techniques in volleyball. To test muscular strength, you apply your hands forceful grip upon a measurement device and check your score. Upon testing the Muscular strength of the writer recieved a score of 40. The result of this showing they must improve their upper body strength.

3. Power

Power is a mix of speed and strength. It is the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction in an explosive burst of movements. Power is the main key point to playing volleyball. The athlete must use power to jump higher or hit the ball at a faster velocity. Power was teste by having an athlete stand in one position and take one jump as far as they could and then record the length. The writer scored, 2.20m, although they recieved an above average score, the athlete must still slightly improve their power to increase better performance levels.

3. Energy Systems

There are two types of energy systems, Aerobic, which in the dictionary means “Relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen,” and Anaerobic which is the opposite of Aerobic. When used in sports terms, Aerobic are long paced sports such as cross country or a triathlon, they need steady breathing and large amounts of oxygen. Anaerobic are quick fast paced sports such as 100m sprints or javelin. Volleyball is an anaerobic sport, because of the quick movements and small quick paced...
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