The Fabiani Law Case

Topics: Law, Jurisdiction, Politics of Venezuela Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: May 18, 2011
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Fabiani Case
The Antoine Fabiani case is an international case which involved the Government of Venezuela and the government of France where the two governments agreed to get an arbitrator to put to rest on the case of M. Antonio Fabiani in the most just manner and without bias. This shows that law has no barriers and no matter how powerful in terms of government or inferior, in this case Fabiani, the law will always be just provided the best means are pursued. In this case both the Venezuelan and French governments had to sought for external help to avoid bias incase the case to be ruled in either of their judicial systems. This is a true example that law in this case international law is necessary and crucial to our society world wide and that there is no excuse to not be just since the power of law and true justice has no boundaries. Antoine Fabiani case started initially in 1891 were Fabiani who was a French national, where its decided that she cannot have a claim to pat of what he should also inherit because of her nationality. A tribunal is then set up to try and resolve the matter is set up after intervention from the French government and Mr. Fabiani after she eels justice is not done to him because all the other heirs had a claim yet she is also supposed to be one of the heirs yet he is barred due to his nationality. The two governments then result into involving a neutral party, arbitrator, so as to minimize tension s and avoid biasness who is the Swiss arbitrator who after hearing both side of the case decides that he is not competent to handle the case since he had no jurisdiction (Jan.53). Still not satisfied, the case is taken to higher levels and the governments where another arbitrator, Dr Paul, rejects to decide on the case after knowing the case had already been decided on by a as arbitral court of Berne. He argues that the ruing was in favor of the Venezuelan...
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