The Eyes of Imagism: Ezra Pound

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Jack Iwrey
Mrs. McQuillan
Honors Lit
24 April 2011
The Eyes of Imagism: Ezra Pound
Many poets have had their moment of fame in America, but very few have had both the incredible impact on American poetry, and received the brutal criticism that Ezra Pound experienced. From his early years as a poet, to the end of his life Ezra Pound was surrounded by controversy and contempt. Though, through all of this he managed to make one of the most lasting impacts on American poetry, which any one poet has provided. Without the genius of Ezra Pound, the poetry world would be missing an integral movement in twentieth century poetry, as well as the source of the question of whether a poets views and their poetry should be connected in the eyes of critics or not. Pound also allowed for the straying away from the structured and calm poetry of the 19th century into the abstract and exciting poetry of the twentieth century. Imagism launched the beginning of poetry as a form of expression like music, or painting. Ezra Pound impacted the culture of America by changing poetry forever through his leadership role in the creation of Imagism and the separation from the styles of 19th century poetry.

The legendary life of Ezra Pound began with humble beginnings in the small town of Hailey, Idaho in 1885. His life there was very unmemorable and denotes little to his future poetry, and political views. Pound’s higher education consists of two years at the University of Pennsylvania, and the other two at Hamilton College where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1905. While at U of P and Hamilton, Pound began to form his opinions on politics, and the economy that would become very controversial come World War II. Pound also developed his love of literature, poetry in particular, and began to write regularly while attending university. After his graduation Pound, like many young adults, traveled to Europe in search of a substance to life. While in Europe, Pound made stops in...
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