The Extent of Heinz Has Adopted a Marketing Orientation

Topics: Marketing, Nutrition, H. J. Heinz Company Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: January 11, 2008
Marketing concept concentrates on finding out the needs and wants of their target customers and then delivers these desired satisfactions more effectively than competitors. Heinz practices marketing concept to a large extent as most of its marketing activities are oriented and focuses on customers¡¯ satisfaction.

Before selling their products, Heinz needs to find out the needs and wants of their customer. For example, Heinz realize that there is a growing demand for healthier food which are low on trans fat and calories. To respond to this demand, Heinz produces its food products which are using healthier ingredients such as tomatoes, potatoes and beans. Furthermore, Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Baked Beans also contain less salt, sugar and fat varieties.

In addition, to cater to different needs of customers, Heinz also customizes its products to commercial and non-commercial food outlets and distributors for US food service and Europe segments. Heinz also serves a wide range of customers which include infants, such as the introduction of infant food through Plasmon.

Evidence that Heinz is practicing marketing concept is Heinz is able to deliver its products effectively and efficiently to its customers. In this case, Heinz is developing a new type of tomatoes which can grow in the world¡¯s different climates and soils so that these tomatoes can be harvested and processed locally instead of importing it. Through its distributors which are based all over the world, Heinz is able to deliver its products to a bigger market and reach different customer segments.

Finally, marketing concept also focuses on the ultimate satisfaction of customers, which, has been successfully achieved by Heinz. Heinz¡¯s portfolio of popular brands with high recognition and brand loyalty shows that Heinz¡¯s customers are highly satisfied with its products because Heinz can fulfill the demand and needs of these customers.
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