The Exsistance of Beauty

Topics: Perception, Sense, Vincent van Gogh Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Robert Fryer 1

“The Existence of Beauty”

Beauty does not lie in the eye of the beholder. Beauty exists in the vast yet minuscule sea of electrons that dance together at the crossroads of perception. The senses woven together like a great entwined tapestry, vibrate as one emotion over the centuries of human programing as beauty. The breeze crisp and cool, whisks across my exposed skin causing tiny impulses just below the surface to oscillate toward the subconscious making my body shiver. With my eyelids still fused together, I looked up as the vibrant warmth of the full moon's visible energy bled through the curtain of thin skin laced with tiny lashes. A deep breath in paints a picture of a raging storm far off in the distance conjuring up the power to bring life across the land. My eyelids unhinged and the bright indigo light from the stage passed by, only blocked by a figure that appeared as a faded silhouette drawing a bow. Indigo morphed to amber as the bow calmly struck its prey. The cello did not perish, yet resonated a wondrous waveform that shimmered past the slowly fading amber light, across the same brisk breeze, into the dark, wax-filled cave, and was absorbed by my inner drum. With shivers I perceived a sound as once more the bow hit its target, only this time more fierce as other warriors drew up their weapons. In perfect unison the sonic solders translated symbols of emotions put on paper hundreds of years before that moment, and the attack begun. Passion met skill as training evoked movement. Movement transformed into sonic emotion which traveled unblocked deep into my mind, unlocking angelic memories that animated feelings of ecstasy. Escaping past the wall of lashes a single tear made from tiny crystals of happiness ran down my skin and joined the first drops of the distant storm's first warning. When the link between my mind and heart opens with the key of positive awareness, the beauty of life flows inward reaching my senses, traveling...
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