The Explosion of the Internet

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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The Explosion of the Internet
Based on a research carried out by a famous professor last month, Internet causes a lot of effect on human beings. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks hat use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worldwide. The explosion of Internet will increase the crime rate, cause low performance in academic and causes chronic health problems.

First of all, the explosion of Internet will increase crime rate. Nowadays, many hackers use the service of Internet to earn illegal money. Hackers often release a trend of malicious software that will falsely alert that you have a virus on your computer and provide a link to purchase software that fixes it. Again this is a form of affiliate marketing and the software makers will be paid when an unsuspecting user purchases the software that they think will clean their computer. This is one of the method uses by hackers to earn illegal money. Besides that, hackers also use Internet to steal private information such as pin number. By doing so, they can easily steal other people money in the bank.

In addition, the explosion of Internet causes students has low performance in their academic. Nowadays, students like to online Internet games round the clock and causes the do not do revision on their studies. Furthermore, they also forget to complete their homework given by teachers in school. Besides online games, they also surf some social networking such as Facebook and Friendster. They wasted most of their free time on the net. As a result, the academic performance will be drop and this will affect the development of the country because teenagers are the leader of tomorrow.

Lastly, the explosion of Internet may also causes chronic health problems. Nowadays, people like to surf the net round the clock and as the results they are lack of exercise. When a people lack of exercise, it will lead to many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure,...
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