The Experience of Peking Opera

Topics: Psychology, Performing arts, People's Republic of China Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: October 18, 2012
The experience of Peking Opera
Art affect our life. It appears in anytime and everywhere that make our life become more colorful and hopeful. For me, art is a part of my life. I remembered I had a special experience in an opera that made me felt art is so important and so meaningful for me. When I was 12 years old, my grandmother and I went to see Peking Opera. My grandmother told me that Peking Opera was adapted from Chinese history, folklore and novels. It could take days to perform since there were more than 30 acts. Peking Opera was a new term for me because I never heard it before. I anticipated it was an exuberant opera. Unlike Western opera, audience was free to arrive or leave at any time. And it liked a tea house; everyone talked in a loud voice, ate whatever they like and they didn’t sit in their seat and walked around during the opera. When the opera started, it was interesting because there were many characters. They dressed beautiful and all their faces were painted by different color that represented different behavior. I was much moved by Peking Opera because it showed many different things of China like kung fu, history and the make-up. It was great that we could learn a part of Chinese history in the opera. Some people may think that the atmosphere of Peking Opera was too noisy but I thought it was a place for everyone to relax. And also I admired the setting of Peking Opera because they just used a table and two chairs to represent everything like bed and bridge. It was very smart to create thing like this. To sum up, it was my first time to see Peking Opera and even thought I did not remember the detail of it , Peking Opera still give me a special experience and after watching it, I know we need to think deep about the perform of every show, how hard for the actors to prepare from the show. And the messages that want us to know. Although not everyone like Peking Opera, it stills a cherished opera of China.
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