The Experience and Perception of Time

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Ageing of an individual is conceived as a
perpetual process associated with the
passage of time. Various studies on
ageing suggest that advances in
technology and modernization have
resulted in the increase of life expectancy
and decline in the birth rates of
people. Because of this, the twenty first
century may be called as the "Era of
Population Ageing". This situation has
dramatically also given rise to the various
issues confronting the elderly, making
process of ageing as a challenge before the
human society considering its impact on
the individuals, community, family and
society at large.
In general, family is the most vital
non-formal social security for the
elderly and most emotionally satisfying
place to live in their later life. But owing to
the modification and change of the
family structure from joint family system to
nuclear family, at both rural and urban
levels, the responsiblty and care for the
elderly has reduced. Elders were better
adjusted to the joint structure of the
extended family in the past, with extended
kins taking care and giving support. But, in
present time, due to lack of such
caring system, taking care of the elderly
has become a serious problem
(Bose& Shankardass 2004).
Currently factors like urbanisation,
education, changing values, better
employment opportunities etc. have
altered the traditional roles of elderly in the
society and in the family. Moreover, one
also witness that, many younger person
are immigrating to other cities and to
countries for better employment, leaving
their aged parents behind, resulting in
isolation, loneliness and neglect of the
elderly. Hence lack of personal care leads
to constant search for new forms of care. A
new trend is visible, where elders are
increasingly moving into their own age
cohorts in old age homes in search of care
and needed support.
Old Age Homes as an Alternative
Form of Care
Currently protection and car of...
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