The Expanding Federal Government

Topics: Local government, Public policy, Federal government Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Jonathan Howell
PAS421C—J. Johnson
The Expanding Federal Government
For the last three class periods in our Public Administration class, we have discussed in depth the importance of how politics and political factions play a key role in the creation of public policy. Unfortunately, in America, our public administrators are no longer strong enough to have texture or defeat our vastly expanding federal government. The U.S federal government has grown out of control where changes in public policy are more difficult to make than ever before. Furthermore, the government now owns financial institutions, a larger percentage of automakers and airline corporations in addition to; soon to be, healthcare. Ownership of all these entities only inspires the federal government to grow even larger and more complex. Is this growth due to socialism in our public administration and public policy? In this short analysis, I will provide one example of our government expanding out of control, abusing its power, and growing more complex. The Obama Administration has lately formed or heavily supported financially several “Task Forces” and other various committees that are made up of certain congressional members or outside agencies. These committees or internal organizations are paid for by millions, if not billions in tax payer dollars but have little or no oversight. The committees and task forces are operating separately from the public agencies that are already in place to solve state and local level problems. Additionally, many of these committees are intervening in state government and local city government business at the tax payer’s expense. In areas such as the Midwest, economic downturn and population decline in major cities has sparked political interest within the Obama Administration. President Obama has ordered congress to appropriate special committees to find the answers to these economic downturns. There are 18 states that this special committee is...
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