The Existence of God

Topics: God, Life, Existence Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: February 23, 2013
1. “I do not wish your conjecturing to reach beyond your creating will.” said by Nietzsche. Paul Ramsey believed that Christians are in touché with God through the means of conjecturing. Conjectures are propositions that are not proven. But, in the side of the Christians they didn’t call this as conjecturing rather they call it Faith. If Paul Ramsey believed to what Nietzsche said, then both of them are applicable to what they truly believe. Simply because what they trying to prove are mere propositions that are not proven. (1st page) 2. “God has to die in order that man might be what he is to become in order that man may become the unlimited creator of culture.” said by Paul Ramsey. Culture is different from the universe, from humans and from other living organisms. Let us consider the fact that God is our Creator also that man is the creator of its own culture. Why God does have to die in order for a man to be the unlimited creator of its culture? Considering that you know that God has given man free will, to do things that man likes. Also, without God as creator of everything, man would not exist. And to conclude that, if there is no existence of man in this world then culture would not also exist. “If there were a God. I could not endure being He.” said by Nietzsche. In this statement, Nietzsche is questioning the existence of God and also he wanted to become superior among others. If man is questioning the existence of another, then why would he wanted to become like the other if man is already questioning the existence of the other. Then, that man will not be able to what he aimed to be because that he will end up criticizing his very own existence. To conclude what Ramsey and Nietzsche said, if one wishes that the creator of something has to die for others to live in their own freedom, then that one may think of dying as well because one created or have come up to something that is beyond man’s creating will. (explanation: if you...
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