The Exiled Queen: Book Review

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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The Exiled Queen – Book Review
The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima is a well written fantasy, romance, and action novel. This book is the second book in the Seven Realms Series, preceded by The Demon King and followed up by The Gray Wolf Throne. This book shows the life of Han Alister, who is a former gang leader. Surprisingly, Han is a descendent of the Demon King, also known as the wizard Alger Waterlow. After Han loses his home and family, he sets off to study with his best friend, Hayden Fire Dancer, at Oden Ford’s Mystwerk House to study wizardry. The Bayars, a group of wizards, are constantly trying to get revenge on Han, for both attempting to kill the high wizard Bayar, in addition to stealing the Alger Waterlow amulet from them. Micah Bayar, the son of the high wizard, will go to any length to get the amulet back. At school, Han is more interested in the dark sides of magic, and finds himself getting tutored by a mysterious man named Crow. Like Han, Crow also has a strong hatred for the Bayars. Han makes some bargains with Crow, which he will soon regret. This book also shows the life of Raisa ana’Marianna. After running away from her home in Fells, because she was being forced into a marriage with Micah, she goes to study at Oden Ford’s Wein House with Amon Byrne. Amon Byrne is a childhood friend and she has feelings for him. At the Wein House, Raisa, Amon, and many other cadets from the “Seven Realms”, come to learn about how to become soldiers. Raisa uses the alias of Rebecca Morely, so no one will recognize her as she is in hiding. What lengths will the Bayars go to get what they want? Will Raisa be recognized? Who is Crow and what does he want with Han? What will happen when both Han’s and Raisa’s paths cross once again? Strengths and Weaknesses:

There are many characters and scenes that highlight the strengths of this story. The character Micah Bayar is the antagonist and poses many a threat to both Han and Raisa. Firstly,...
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