The Evolving Virtual Workplace

Topics: Management, Business, Employment Pages: 12 (4254 words) Published: March 11, 2013

Author: Jesse J Williams
Keller Graduate School of Management
Instructor: Lasonya Berry
Week 7
Course: HRM-594-13697 Strategic Staffing

The virtual workplace has become increasingly prevalent for companies and industries due impart to the accelerated developments in technology. There are growing arguments that provide salient advantages and disadvantages for incorporating the virtual workplace into their organization. Learning organizations have found that there is evidence that shows the demand for virtual work arrangements are on the rise because of the impact of the World Wide Web technology. This rapidly changing environment has influenced growing organizations to reach out to new ways of doing business that focuses on innovative ways to improve their revenue share of the global market place. Exploring the virtual workplace where skilled employees perform corporate work remotely from each other and from their supervisors, have become the new normal for a considerable number of large organizations to meet the growing demand for talent. On the other hand, there are still some conscience objectors in various industries. These are mostly small businesses that argue the virtual workplace has lost its appeal because businesses have had unsuccessful results when attempting to transform their business strategies to oblige the diverse social needs of the remote worker as part of doing business. However, empirical studies are showing sound business reasoning for establishing virtual workplaces. Those who have made the transition have achieved many benefits, where others have failed for variety of reasons. Some of the successes have been stifled by such issues as setup and maintenance costs, maintaining business continuity, cultural clashes, isolation, and lack of trust. Identifying the right prescription for success is important while trying to bring some balance to the discussion for exploring the virtual workplace. It should be noted up front that virtual workplaces may not be appropriate for all industries, all employees, or all managers. However, businesses that are looking to explore these new paradigms in business practices will have to embrace a shift from a business plan focused on time to a plan focused on results. This shift in thinking requires an organization to adopt the myth that by providing its employees the opportunity to work from a virtual workplace they will need fewer managers. In fact, one may surmise that what they will need are managers that have better supervisory skills among their existing managers. Those organizations that can support the virtual workplace as an alternative measure and can accommodate the culture and industry norms will lead to dramatic developments in productivity, profits, and customer service. The need to conform is now in light of the stiff completion in this aggressive economy. Exploring this new paradigm could bring to light the importance of businesses to look forward at the changing world that we live and work in. Delving into the possibilities of the virtual workplace can lead to a more flexible workforce while improving efficiencies, enticing better talent, improving profit margins and customer service. Problem

Although there are many benefits of freeing workers from the office, the drawbacks flourish among the critics. First, not everyone is suited for working away from the office. Some employees have apprehension about stepping away from the corporate culture, while others require an eventful work environment to stay productive. Some managers are unwilling to release guarded and sensitive information to a virtual team because maintaining control of a virtual workforce and the chain of custody of this information is at best suspect in their eyes. This leads to trust issues because of lack of knowledge on the part of senior management of the virtual construct. Not managing and trusting...
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