The Evolution of Technology

Topics: Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, Computer Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Technology is everything today, we couldn't live without it and the reason we are what we are is due to its evolution from the beginning of time. As the Human Race evolved, Technology is forced to move along with us, We Take for granted all that it does. It is part of our everyday lives in every way because we use it to learn. The Human Race, with the Help of Technology has been able to thrive in almost every situation dealt to us. Technology was, is, and always will be Evolving and be a part of our everyday lives.

From the time of Cave Men we have been finding, learning and evolving into bigger and greater things. With the discovery of fire and the Invention of the wheel we have come to realize what the world has to offer. Although it is overlooked that the Cave Men’s discoveries meant much they were the building blocks of the technology that we have today. Even the cave men’s ancient writing was influential towards the thinking and writing process we have today, they truly helped us to discover what we have. Cave men, even though they didn’t seem it, were smart. They discovered fire and realized with it they could see in the dark and stay warm at night. Without them we might not have found out about fire as quickly which would have changed the world today drastically. Technology has changed throughout the course of history because the discoveries changed the way we as humans think, which open our minds to all the possibilities the world has. In the early years of earths beginning up until today technology is changing and always will be. It has come so in so many ways like discovering new species, finding cures for disease, upgrading computers and so much more. From the beginning it took us places, but still till this day we don’t know what technological advances will bring us.

From the beginning of time we have been learning, since the year 3000B.C. we have been working with numbers. In 3000 B.C. the first Abacus was invented in Babylon, this was a...
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