The Evolution of Management Thought

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  • Published: September 6, 2010
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The Evolution of Management Thought
Khalil Said
University of Phoenix

The Evolution of Management Thought
The evolution of management thoughts and theories in modern management thinking began in the nineteenth century and continued during the twentieth. The need to define management and the role of managers led to the foundation of management theories through experience of the pioneer thinkers. Classical management theory focused on dividing the labors and tasks execution. Classical era characterized by creating a stable profit that stability is the key success of an organization. Among the most influential thinkers that time were Frederick Taylor and his thoughts of scientific management, Henri Fayol and the administrative management, and the bureaucracy of Max Weber. These three thinkers called for the division of labor to improve management effectiveness in organizations. The principles of scientific management, administrative management, and bureaucracy were put forward as the best and only ways for organizations to be operated and administered efficiently to improve, succeed, and meet their profit goals. Henri Fayol belongs to administrative management; his long career working in a mining company led him to develop the five basic elements of management. These elements are “1) plan by examining the future and draw up plans of action,2) organize, build up the structure, 3) command by maintaining activity among the personnel, 4) co-ordinate, bind together, unify, and harmonize activity and effort, and 5) control, see that everything occurs in conformity with policy and practice” (Jarvis, 2005). Besides that, Fayol developed the 14 principles of management. According to Hartman (2007) although these principles were controversial in modern organizations, some of them are still in use in those organizations. Wren (2005) noted that these principles derived from Fayal’s experience whereas he was working at a mining company. Although...
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