The Evolution of Guerilla Marketing

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The evolution of Guerilla marketing
The aim of this research proposal is to critically evaluate how Guerrilla Marketing has evolved to cope with the ever diversifying marketing environment in the current economic recession. This proposal will analyse the effects that the recession has had on Guerrilla Marketing and its applications within the marketing community. The project will deal specifically with the topic of Guerrilla Marketing and how it has evolved to cope with the diversifying marketing environment in the current economic recession, so there must be a series of objectives that will demonstrate how best to achieve the project’s aim. Through this research:

the effects of the recession on marketing and its trends will be evaluated. the issue of Guerrilla Marketing increasing in its applications naturally over time will be considered Or whether it has increased in correlation to recession and the effects that it has brought to the marketing community will be investigated The extent to which Guerrilla Marketing has or has not replaced existing or more traditional techniques in the current economic climate will be explored. Saunders comments that research objectives are more generally acceptable to the research community as evidence of the researcher’s clear sense of purpose and direction. (Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill 2009) This will be achieved through a demonstration of why the research is important and has to be conducted. The Literature Review will provide an awareness of preceding literature, a critical review of the literature concerning Guerrilla Marketing in the recession and the key issues arising from these works regarding the aim of the proposal. The Research Methodology will identify how best to conduct the research itself, whether it be through primary or secondary research and how best to analyse and interpret the results. The Proposed Time Scale will detail a timetable for conducting all aspects of the research proposal and project. From this it hoped that there will be a better understanding of how the current economic recession has impacted on the evolution of Guerrilla Marketing, whether it has had to evolve at a faster rate in order to combat the ever changing marketing environment and whether possible changes in marketing budgets that companies have available have had a direct impact on this. Through the implementation of the objectives stated previously, this should be an achievable research project. Importance of the Research

Jay Conrad Levinson is widely regarded as the father of Guerrilla Marketing. He has written several books on the topic. He is a former Vice President and Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Advertising and Leo Burnett Advertising. He is also the chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International. Guerrilla Marketing is defined as “Tactics available to every small firm to compete with bigger firms by carving out narrow, profitable niches. These tactics include: 1) extreme specialisation, 2) aiming every effort at favourably impressing the customers, 3) providing service that goes beyond the customer’s expectation, 4) fast response time, 5) quick turnaround of jobs, and 6) working hours that match the customer’s requirements.” (Business Dictionary 2009) With the tough economic climate, companies are increasingly having to use more cost effective marketing techniques to stay ahead of the competition. This research will expand upon Levinson’s previous work and relate the applications and evolution of Guerrilla Marketing to a marketing environment in a recession. Significant Prior Research/ Literature Review

The review of the literature on significant prior research is crucial when carrying out a research proposal. In this case, it is important to be aware of studies or research that have been carried out previously on the topic of the evolution of Guerrilla Marketing to cope with the ever diversifying marketing environment in the current economic recession. The analysis of the...
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