The Evolution of English

Topics: English language, England, Dialect Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: September 25, 2009
The evolution of the English language
`Old English modern English`
`An 1 twa 2 thri 3 feower 4 fif 5 sex 6 seofen 7 eahta 8 nighon 9 tyn 10` Vagaries in pronunciation
Often whistle singing king coming islands species queue
` Am-bri Apartment-flat arguiment-row babay carriage-pram bathroom-loo can-tin chopped beef-mincie cookie-buiscuit corn-maize diaper –nappy elevator-lift band aid –plaster eraser-rubber flashlight-torch fries-chips gas-petrol guy-chap/bloke highway-motorway hood(car)-bonnet jello-jelly jelly-jam kerosene-paraffin lawyer-solicitor license plate-number plate line-queue mail-post motor home-caravan movie theater-cinema muffler-silencer pants-trousers parkin lot-car park period-full stop potato chips-crisps sausage-banger ` `Color-colourfavorite-favouritehonor-honouranalyze-analysecriticize-critisisememorize-memoriseenrollment-enrolment center-centre meter-metrebank-banquecheck-chequedefense-defencelicense-lisencepajamas-pyjamasprogram-programme jewelry-jewellery judgment-judgement theater-theatre` Hinglish, a portmanteau of the words Hindi and English, is the arbitrary usage of Hindi and English, combining both, in one sentence. This is more commonly seen in urban and semi-urban centers of population, but is slowly spreading its root into rural and remote areas via television and word of mouth, slowly achieving vernacular status. Many speakers do not realize that they are incorporating English words into Hindi sentences or Hindi words into English sentences. This highly popular mixing of both the languages in most parts of northern and central India has grown from the fact that English is a popular language of choice amongst the urbane youth who finds itself comfortable in its lexicon. It is already the medium for imparting education in many schools across the nation. The advent of cable television and its pervasive growth has seen the masses exposed to a wide variety of programming from across the world. Literacy will be...
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