The Evolution of Copps and Its Introduction to the World

Topics: Police, Law enforcement, Crime Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Modern day community-oriented policing and problem solving (COPPS) model has swept the western democratic police world like a mega boy band sweeping the nation’s youth into their fervor. It appears that all law enforcement agencies from local to federal have adopted the direction of community policing. The COPPS model is so malleable and pliable that even the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces have adopted it to fight the terrorist insurgency that threatens all of the western world ideology of democracy and rule of law. COPPS is neither a new method nor invention created by modern police but it is more of a revision of a movement that took place in law enforcement with Sir Robert Peel and the City of London Metropolitan Police Department in the1800’s (Patterson, 2011). The philosophy of community-oriented policing and problem solving is an effective tool that can adapt to all environments and even help prevent failure. An arrest signifies that the police failed its community in educating crime prevention and had to arrest, but it is an acceptable failure.

Community policing is a Darwinian evolution to the methodologies created and envisioned by the father of modern policing Sir Robert Peel. London England was plagued with corruption and spiraling out of control crime. Sir Robert Peel introduced three basic principles that are at the core of modern policing and subsequently community policing itself. The basic fundamental principles that Sir Robert presented were grounded on the concepts of “humaneness, fairness, and justice provide a standard for determining how well a police agency is meeting its responsibilities to its citizens” (Kovacich, 1995). In short Sir Robert proposed that the police department should be held accountable for its actions and its purpose was to serve the public it protected. The police department was not to usurp power or act as judge and jury, but be a diligent and faithful servant to the public (Kovacich, 1995)....
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