The Evolution and Technological Progression of Input Devices

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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That was a very accurate predictability for that day and time; however compared to Turner’s weeks of implementation of new technology, the contemporary standard turn around rate for the release of new technology is a matter of hours. This is a perfect example of the progression of the educational aspect of input devices that helped to inspire persons like Turner to envision the future of computing power and potential for growth. The typewriter is the precursor to the keyboard. In the 1980’s the word Heavy Duty was synonymous with durability and quality. The average typewriter back then weighed at least 15 pounds or more. They were enormous, required a ribbon, paper, and of course white out on the spot. The paper had to be aligned by hand and there was no room for much error. This made administrative tasks a nightmare for those that did not favor the typing machine. The Atari video gaming console was successfully popular mainly due to the ease of operation. The primary means of input data into a video game in the era of Atari was the joystick. Atari has a controller with a vertical handle and one button. Atari inspired Nintendo, which motivated the developers of Sony Play station and now the gaming community came back and redeveloped the basic functionality; thus having a very popular Nintendo Wii gaming controller, which has been very popular for all age groups. It has been known for its simplistic and easy to use wireless input device/ joystick.
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