The Evils of Smoking

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Passive smoking, Smoking Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Garner-Shakur 1

Marsharie Garner-Shakur
Mr. Lee
English 101
April 18, 2013
Dear Mr. Tobacco maker,
My name is Marsharie Garner-Shakur. I’m currently a L.P.N. at Towne Manor nursing home in Norristown Pa., and I’m writing you this letter because, it is hard to grasp the huge grip that tobacco has had on society as a whole. In looking at smoking from a long-term-care perspective, we can watch our census (full beds) grow in number with patients who are suffering with lung and heart diseases. These conditions are usually linked to years of tobacco abuse. We can, in good conscience see that the year’s people have spent fighting for the right to smoke, has led to a fight for life itself.

Society has a long history of glamourizing smoking and for fighting for the rights of tobacco smokers throughout the decades. Up until the 1970’s, it was common practice to have the right to smoke at places of employment, on public

transportation, in hospitals and doctor’s offices and really, anywhere people wanted. Now, the baby boomers of the 50’s and 60’s are paying the price.
Mr. Tobacco maker, did you know that the non-smoker was the unheard minority faced with the unfortunate position of having to breathe in smokers’ second hand smoke. The non-smokers are now becoming ill because of the rights of the smoking population. According to the Center for Disease Control, second-hand smoke also damages; blood vessels in the brain, causes pain in the hands and feet, make clotting more likely by thickening the blood and increases plaque build-up in the blood vessels leading to the brain (Smoking and Heart Disease…1).

The industry is now targeting a new demographic of smokers—our youth. It is spending 12.5 billion annually on advertising campaigns geared towards adolescents (Tobacco Industry Marketing 1). In this 2001 monograph “Changing Adolescent Smoking Prevalence,” the National Cancer Institute reviewed...
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