The Evidence of the Missing Body

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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* Was Jesus’ body really absent from the tomb?
* Candy Heiress Helen Vorhees landed into a busy airport and was missing ever since. Over a 20 year time period, police and journalists were baffled by the fact that no one could find a body. They claimed her as murdered and even ruled out that a con man was responsible for her disappearance, but they never found the body to know for sure. * The resurrection of Jesus is different however because He was seen alive, He was seen as dead; and in the same way He was seen alive again. * The empty tomb is a sign of the resurrection because like Paul said in I Corinthians 15:17,"If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. “Theologian Gerald O'Collins put it this way: "In a profound sense, Christianity without the resurrection is not simply Christianity without its final chapter. It is not Christianity at all." * Skeptics believe that, like Helen Vorhees, there is not enough evidence to rule out that it’s true. One thing is for sure though; the tomb was empty on Easter morning. * The Eleventh Interview- William Lane Craig, Ph.D., D.TH. * William Lane Craig was at a debate with eight thousand, and countless radio stations defending his faith against an Atheist. * He defended his faith kindly, but firmly. People marveled at the idea that Christianity could stand a chance against rational analysis from skeptics. * By the end of the debate, 82% of the people there ruled out that Christianity had been most compelling and 42% walked in as nonbelievers, and walked out as Christians, and no one became atheists * Was Jesus really buried in the tomb?

* Those who were crucified in past times were left for wild birds or dogs to devour them. * John Dominic of Crossan of the Jesus seminar concluded that Jesus was dug up and eaten by dogs. Q: “Based on Based on these customary practices, wouldn't you admit that...
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