The Evidence of Jesus

Topics: Jesus, Gospel of John, Gospel of Luke Pages: 9 (3136 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The Evidence of Jesus
A. Historical evidence
I. Sources of evidence
II. Reliability of the historical evidence
III. Proof for Jesus outside the Bible
IV. Archeological evidence versus written historical evidence A. Who was Jesus Christ?
V. Did Jesus think he was Son of God?
VI. How Jesus convinced his followers he was Son of God? VII. Jesus and other messianic leaders (similarities and differences) B. Resurrection
VIII. Evidence of resurrection
IX. Was Jesus crucified?
X. Where did Jesus’ body go after he died?
XI. Did Jesus’ followers see him again after he had died? XII. Other evidence to support Jesus’ resurrection
C. Conclusion
The Evidence of Jesus
Historical Evidence
Source of Evidence
I believe that Jesus existed; the bases of evidence for Jesus include the four Gospels in the Bible (found in the New Testament), the apocryphal gospels (not included in the Bible), Paul’s letters in the Bible, written sources (after the life of Jesus), circumstantial evidence, and archaeological evidence (McIntyre, 2010). From the above sources, the most ignored source is the circumstantial evidence. Christianity has been around for many eons. Arguably, Christianity has more supporters compared to other religions. Nonetheless, when we rewind our memories there was a period that Christianity did not exist. This raises the question why we have Christians like the complete, loner, bound, and dead Christians. The balanced cause and effect explains to us that sometimes back that something took place that changed the individuals who were not Christians to be converted to Christianity. This sounds obvious but for all the Christians, agnostics, atheists, and other faiths this is a challenge. The cause and effect makes it clear that Christianity begun as a historical event. Consequently, the start of Christianity should be premeditated like other historical events. The point is that something occurred to cause Christianity. From the different historical and biblical studies on what happened, I believe that we get the picture of what took place. The following section will focus on the different evidential sources. Before delving on the evidential sources, we should ask ourselves whether Jesus ‘really’ existed. Different articles, books, and much more from the Christians and non-Christians reveal that Jesus did live as well as die in the first century. Studies show that Jesus was born roughly in 4 BCE when Herod the Great was almost dying. Jesus spent his early years and early adulthood in Nazareth. John the Baptist baptized Jesus; He had his own disciples. He preached in the rural areas of Galilee, towns, and villages. Jesus’ message was about God’s kingdom. Jesus was annoyed after he went to the temple and found that the people had turned God’s house into a market. Before he was crucified, he had the last evening meal with his disciples. Jesus was detained and debriefed by the Jewish authorities. Lastly, Jesus was crucified on Pontius Pilate’s orders. In the Bible, there are 4 Gospels in the New Testament. This includes the Gospel of Mathew, John, Mark, and Luke. The above names represent the writers of the Gospels. Whether John, Luke, Mark, and Mathew were people who transcribed the Gospels, this is a subject of historical debate (Walker, 2011). Nonetheless, the shared view is that: * The Gospel of Mathew is considered to be written by Mathew who was Jesus’ disciple. * The Gospel of Mark is well thought-out to be written by John Mark. He was a friend of Peter (also called Cephas or Simon) one of the original adherents of Jesus. * The Gospel of Luke was transcribed by Luke. Luke was the friend of Apostle Paul and he helped him in the preaching of the Christian message throughout the Roman Empire. * The Gospel of John was written by John one of the original followers of Jesus. In some way, the Gospel Luke, Mathew, and...
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