The Event That Has Changed My Life

Topics: Thought, Change, Erasmus Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Every day some factors effect our life, but just significant event can change your life forever. In my personal example,list  of events and meeting with one person, incredibly , changed my life. In 2011, i moved to Greece due to my erasmus program , during this period of time I decided to change my carrier plans, since I did not know how to do it in a proper way so i need a person to help me with organizing my thoughts and to show me new opportunities .    During my Erasmus I have changed a lot of apartments for different reasons. Once I moved to Place where I supposed to have two flatmates, at this moment I met a person who played significant role in all my future life. This girl was studying International Relations in American college of Thessaloniki, about which I had never heard before. When we got know each other better, and I shared my plans with her about changing my carrier. being intelligent and helpful, she provided me couple of suggestions how my plans might come to real life. At the same time she made me very excited about her own school, that was American but situated in Greece, this combination would be perfect for me, because I wanted to spend my students years in Greece and to get American high education, in order always have a possibility to realize some projects in USA.In the beginning I wanted to study International law and in future to work on project " returning the Marbles of  Parthenon from London" . One day my roommate took to admission office of her school, where  I have got a nice conversation after which I have decided to apply for college. This event gave a beginning to the series of other events, that are making impact to my life even today. Some of them are positive , some are negative , but life never stops teach us a lesson.  Therefore, I believe that for me it was extremely important to meet right person at the right moment and actually I think nothing is happing randomly in this world.
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