The European Parliament

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08 October 2012

The European Parliament is separated into two legislations, primary and secondary. The primary legislation are the ground rules and basis for all EU action. The secondary legislation involves decisions, directives and regulations which are based on the objectives and principle in the treaties (Bungenberg, 2011). How does the EU parliament make a decision? The standard decision-making process is called “Ordinary Legislative Procedure” or the co-decision. This presents the direct election in the EU Parliament that decides together in the EU legislation in the Council, both the EU legislation and Commission Drafts. The EU treaties is the foundation of the rule of law, this defines every taken action by the EU which is founded on treaties that have been decided on democratic and voluntary approval of the EU countries. This is the Treaty of Lisbon, which developed the policy number of areas where the co-decision is employed (Bermann, 2011) The UE parliament also has more control to disapprove any proposal in the Council. The directives, regulations and other acts are established to set new EU treaties which are obtained by different forms of legal decisions. These legislation involve opinions, recommendations, directives and regulations, Some are creating, others are binding, some can be implemented to all EU nations, others not.

The combined decision-making process of the EU parliament has shared to develop the effectiveness of EU policy when it comes to the environmental legislation in EU countries. The parliament, as veto power with co-legislator in the procedure of co-decision, has been important to organizational actors. It is connected to the EU...
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