The Eucharist: Summary

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The Eucharist: Summary


-reenacts the closing events of jesus' life
-links past-present-future one ceremony
-powerful, meaningful ritual
-last of the 3 sacraments of initiation
-prescribed by christ
-have to see the eucharist as body, not bread

Eucharist celebrates
-"a way of remembering"
-daily reminder of Gods love
-jesus shared bread at last supper/do this in memory of me -a thanksgiving feast
-"eucharist" means giving thanx

Ritual Meal
-earliest form of rituals are eating and gathering
-sacrifice meal
-ritual not a routine
-builds on the symbolism of a ritual mean

Sign and Symbols
-symbol of gods love for us
-jesus' body
-last supper/banquet
-welcome others to participate in the eucharist
-unfilled celebration
-if we went to mass on sunday, it would make the rest of the week more meaningful
-unified body
-it is the most commonly received sacrament, most pivotal of 7 -as a community, we celebrate the presence of christ in the eucharist -bread: basic food for most people/closely assoc with nature human work

-white/purple/black robe

-"Do this in Memory of Me."
-"This is my body, which has been given up for you."

Presented to: Mr. DiMaio

Thesis: The Eucharist is a sign of Jesus' death, and how He gave himself up for us, and how we experience Him through His body.

History of the Eucharist

The Eucharist is a Jewish Ritual of worship. It dates back to the Last Supper, where Jesus celebrated a typical Jewish community meal with His friends. Sharing a meal with family, (very important to the Jews) also dates back to the Passover Meal. This is called the...
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